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St. Marks #1

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Sr. Warden 

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Carlos Escalera

Worshipful Master

Jr. Warden   

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Henry Warren

Ivan Smith


Robert Hendricks


Angelo Coleman

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Hector Garcia


Saint  Marks Lodge No. 1 was born June 1, 1981 at the first grand lodge session of Nevada.  This lodge's name was changed from Saint Marks Lodge No. 15 of the Arizona Jurisdiction, which was formed December 25, 1944.

The first Worshipful Master of Saint Marks No. 1 was also the first Grand Master of the Nevada Jurisdiction, Brother Clester Nelson.  Clester Nelson served as the MWGM from August 1980 till September 1984.

There has been several Grand Lodge Officers from St. Marks Lodge No. 1.

PGM Clester Nelson (August 1980 - September 1984), PGM & DGM Otis Ward (June 1989 - June 1992), Grand Senior Warden Elijah Edmonds, Grand Trustee Fred McClellon, Grand Tyler David Vann, and Grand Tyler Jonathon Tarver Sr.

St. Marks Lodge No. 1 has opened the Grand Lodge Session on four separate occasions..  The 1st Grand Lodge Session of Nevada was opened by St. Marks Lodge No. 1 on June 1, 1981, the 10th Grand Lodge on June 2, 1990, the 15th Grand Lodge on June 3, 1995, and the 25th Grand Lodge in June of 2005.

Being a part of the development of the MWPHGL of Nevada is a very prideful history in our lodge. There are other achievements that we as Brothers also found pride in.  St. Marks No. 1 has opened four Grand Lodge Sessions as previouly mentioned including the 1st.  There has been two MWGM in this lodge history.  The year 2000 Master Mason of the Year Award also came from St. Marks No. 1, PM V. Sanders. Jr.

History of the MWPHGL of Nevada states there were 5 lodges from 2 different states here in Nevada.  Three of those lodges were willing to demit and form the MWPHGL of Nevada.  There were St. Marks Lodge No. 15, David Coe Jr. No 27, and Jodie Cannon Sr. Lodge No. 28 all of the MWPHGL of Arizona.  After demitting, these names were changed to St. Marks #1, David Coe #2, and Jodie Cannon #3.


Sec'y  Angelo Coleman



Past Masters

2022.                      ROOSEVELT FREEMAN
2019 - 2021           LEVY BELTON
2017 - 2018           DR. GARY MILLER
2014 - 2016           ROBERT HENDRICKS
2013                        NATHAN WARDLE
2012                        TERRENCE DAVIS
2010 - 2011            WILEY T. BARNES


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