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Andrew Horton #8

Sr. Warden   Dale Mitchell

Treasurer   Treasurer

Worshipful Master

Jr. Warden   

Secretary   Secretary

Walter Ellison



On July 10, 1989, Past Master Aaron Thomas contacted the Most Worshipful Grand Master Otis Ward for permission to start a UD Lodge in Mountain Home, ID.  On August 10, 1989, Past Master Aaron Thomas was appointed Special District Deputy Grand Master for the purpose of organinzing and setting up a new lodge in the State of Idaho.  The lodge was UD in March 31, 1990.

The Name:  Andrew Horton Military lodge No. 8

Andrew Horton was a mason and a member of Sabre Lodge No. 7, Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Oregon.  He was instrumental in keeping Prince Hall charter while there was no active lodge in Idaho.  We chose to honor him because of not only his Masonic duties but also his outstanding service to the city of Boise.  During the anual visit to Andrew Horton Military Lodge No. 8, the following traveled to the Owyhee Plaza Hotel located in Boised, ID to dedicate a plaque for Andrew Horton:  Most Worshipful Grand Master of Nevada, Prince Hall Affiliated Jessie J. Smith and several Grand Lodge Officers of Nevada.  Worshipful Master Dale Mitchell of Andrew Horton Military Lodge No. 8, other masons of Nevada PHA Jurisdiction, MWGM of Oregon, Prince Hall Affiliated, Hampton Wright, and other members of his jurisdiction.


Andrew Horton Military Lodge No. 8 was officially charted on March 25, 1991.

First Officers:

Jerrold Sullivan                  Worshipful Master

Robert Montgomery          Senior Warden

Delbert Parker                    Junior Warden

Elonzo Kitchings                Secretary

James Ramsey                    Treasurer

James Spencer                    Senior Deacon

Virgil Starkes                      Junior Deacon       




Sec'y   Monty McCoy

Phone  702.357.9444  



Past Masters

2013 -                     WALTER ELLISON

2009 - 2012          AARON THOMAS

2005 - 2008          JAMES HEYWARD

2003 - 2004          LEVY BELTON

2002                       AARON THOMAS

1999 - 2001           JIMMY RAGLAND

1997 - 1998          WILLIE SMITH

1996                       ROBERT HARGROVE

1994 - 1995           DALE MITCHELL

1992 - 1993           DELBERT PARKER

1990 - 1991            JERROLD SULLIVAN 


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