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42nd Annual Session is in the books for the Most Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

5/31 - 6/3/2023

The 42nd Annual Grand Lodge Session is in the books.   Brothers came out to support the Grand Lodge Annual Session with the start of Memorial Service on Wednesday.  Brothers paid homage to RWG Tyler John McDowell and Brother  Harry Bundley. who both have laid down their working tools.  Jack Haywood Lodge #6 hosted the Memorial Service as WM Will Smith did an excellent job. 


St. Mark Lodge #1 with their WM Ivan Smith did an excellent job hosting the Table Lodge and they also fed the craft.  


The banquet was very good as St. Mark Lodge #1 wins Lodge of the Year.  And Brother Christopher Reames of King Solomon Lodge #2 wins Master Mason of the Year.  But, the star of the night was Ms. Morgan Emmanuelle Crosby as she wins the Albert L. Crosby Scholarship Award.  Ms. Crosby is currently a Sophomore at Xavier University (New Orlearns) with a 3.8 gpa.  She also entertained the crowd with a very beautiful voice as she sung to the attendees at the banquet.

Phillip E. Bell Jr. #5 performed the opening for the Grand Lodge.  The Grand Lodge voted on the reports and listened to a great Elocution from Grand Master Ken Askins.  After refreshments, Grand Lodge elections took place.  Most Worshipful Grand Master Ken Askins accepted nomination without a challenge to be re-elected for the ensuing year 2023.  RW Deputy Grand Master Levy Belton of St. Mark #1 accepted nomination and was challenged by PM Jesse Reynolds of Phillip E. Bell Jr. #5.  RW Deputy Grand Master Levy Belton wins and retains the seat.  RW Senior Grand Warden Archie McArthur of Jack Haywood #6 accepted nomination and was challenged by PM Zach Collins.  RWSGW McArthur wins and retains his seat.  RW Junior Grand Warden Anthony Downton of King Solomon #2 accepted nomination and was challenged by RWG Sec'y Robert Trujillo of St. Marks #1.  RWJGW Downton wins and retains his seat.  PM Elisha Sumbani of Jack Haywood #6 was nominated and accepted the position of RWG Tyler.  PM Khalid Sultan of King Solomon #2 was nominated and accepted the position of RWG Lecturer.  The 3yr RWG Trustee nominations were accepted by PM Scott Walker of Jack Haywood #6 and PM Roosevelt Freeman of St. Marks #1.  PM Scott Walker wins and is the new RW Grand Trustee 3yr.


9/8 - 9/10/2022

For many years the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada celebrated Prince Hall Americanism Day on the 2nd Saturday of September just like most Prince Hall Jurisdictions.  While some jurisdictions celebrated throughout that second weekend, in Nevada it has always been celebrated with a cookout on aforementioned day.  In 2022, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada decided to do something different.

It all started on Thursday with a Comedy Show.  Six comedians performed and it brought much laughter as Most Worshipful Grand Master  Ken Askins, Senior Warden Ivan Smith of St. Marks #1, Worthy Matron Theresa Thomas and Sister Yasmin Stampley, both of Bells of Joy Chapter #3 provided much material for the comedians to tee off on.

On Friday, the All White Cruise on a yacht at Lake Las Vegas had a party section and a chill section.  This night was the only mishap of the weekend as the caterer failed to show.  But, the show must go on and on it went as the party section saw people dancing the night away.

And then there was Saturday.....the cookout.  The largest turnout in the history of this jurisdiction.  Great food, some dancing, kids playing and great fellowship.  This is what it's all about...brotherhood and sisterhood.   The plan is to grow this event from here and allow the community to celebrate Prince Hall with the jurisdiction.  To let the community know that we are to help in anyway we can.  Prince Hall Masonry at it's best!

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada 40th/41st Annual Grand Session closes with major changes 


The MWPHGL of Nevada ended late afternoon, Saturday, June 4th and it was anything but normal.  

On Wednesday, June 1st, Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 kicked off the start of Session Week by hosting the Memorial Service.  It was a great performance by PEB Jr. #5, as it all went smooth.

On Thursday, June 2nd, Jack Haywood Lodge #6, with the help of St. Mark Lodge #1, hosted the table lodge.


On Friday, June 3rd, the Grand Master and Grand Worthy Matron's Banquet had a nice vibe.  Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 won Lodge of the Year.....again.  And Andre Hall of Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 won Master Mason of the Year.  Good food with nice music.  Everyone dressed nice with a touch of laughter from the crowd of the speakers.  Everyone was engaged.

Saturday, June 4th, King Solomon Lodge #2 opened up for the Grand Lodge.  Afterwards is where it was no longer normal.  From the beginning it didn't seem to have that normal vibe we were accustomed to.  And it started normal with Grand Lodge elections as MW Grand Master Ken Askins was nominated and accepted with no other contestants.  Normalcy left us after that as then RW Deputy Grand Master Jesse Reynolds was nominated and contested with another nominee, PM Levy Belton of St. Mark Lodge #1.  After tallying the votes, the new RW Deputy Grand Master is Levy Belton.  Shock was in the air.  Then, RW Senior Grand Warden Zachary Collins was nominated to retain his seat.  He was then contested by PM Archie McArthur of Jack Haywood Lodge #6.  And after the votes were counted, PM Archie McArthur was the new RW Senior Grand Warden.  The RW Junior Grand Warden seat followed in line with the Grand Master as Anthony Downton of King Solomon Lodge #2 retained his seat.  RW Grand Treasurer Robert Hendricks, RW Grand Secretary Robert Trujillo and RW Grand Tyler John McDowell all, also, fell in line with the Grand Master and RWJGW in retaining their respective seats.  RW Grand Lecturer saw new blood as PM Scott Walker of Jack Haywood Lodge #6 takes on the new role.  Two new Grand Lodge Trustees saw new faces as PM David Austin and PM Carl Dawson both accepted the nominees with no other contestants.  All unexpected but Brotherly Love prevails.  We will continue on our journey of One mind, One body, One Lifestyle.

Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Reverend Richard Vega Farewell Message


Greeting to all. First and for most I would like to thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His many blessings that He has bestowed upon me and our great Jurisdiction in these last five years as the 10th Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Master for the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada. We have grown together as a body of great men and women who have answered the call of our communities within the great Silver State of Nevada and our lodge in Mountain Home Idaho. I am totally proud of every member of our Grand Lodge and the Desert Rose Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern star. We have become a household name within the communities because we have been there for them in their time of need. We have supported them with Feed the Homeless, Angel Tree, School Backpack give away, water drives for the Salvation Army, clothes drives, and the list goes on.  You are their champions.

As I end my term as the Grand Master on June 5th, I leave a better man who has learned something from each and every one of you. You have become my Brothers and Sisters, my friends and most of all my Family. I could not have asked for a better group of Godly Men and Women to be a part of our great team. I pray that I have been the leader you needed and that I have been there for you, you trutly mean the world to me and I can only say Thank You, Thank You and Thank You.

I am here for the next administration and will continue serve and be Your Humble Servant.

Your Humble Servant

Reverend Richard Vega




The 39th Grand Lodge Session and the 38th Desert Rose Grand Chapter is complete.  Though a small turnout, business went as usual.  In the Grand Lodge, there were a couple changes.  PM Jesse Reynolds was elected as the new RWSGW.  PM Reynolds was the acting RWSGW since the departure of PM Robert McGee.  PM Levy Belton, also WM of St. Marks #1, is now the RW Grand Lecturer.  All other seats remain the same.  Phillip E. Bell Jr. #5 won Lodge of the Year for the 2nd year in a row.  PM Archie McArthur III of Jack Haywood #6 was awarded Master Mason of the Year.  A completely different story over at Desert Rose Grand Chapter.  Though installment of officers will need to be completed, which is planned for July 6, there will be a new Grand Worthy Matron (Sandra Pardue-Jones),  Grand Associate Matron, (Kim Conner), Grand Conductress (Alexandra Inmon), Grand Associate Conductress (Barbara Matthews) and Grand Secretary (Patricia Armstrong).   All other seats remain the same.


3.-21- 23.2019

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada hosted the 2019 Four Corners Conference and Gala.  148 brothers and sisters gathered together at the Golden Nugget Casino in downtown Las Vegas to discuss various topics to take to the Conference of Grand Masters and Grand Worthy Matrons and Patrons.  Lots of food and excitement as the brothers and sisters of the Nevada Prince Hall Jurisdiction put on theme parties each night for entertainment.  It was the last Four Corners Conference that the Four Grand Masters will spend together as Grand Masters.  The Colorado Jurisdiction for the 2nd year in a row take home the Bryant Robinson Mathis Traveling Trophy, edging out Arizona Jurisdiction 48 to 44 members in attendance.  Colorado will take a break from the trophy since they will host the 2020 Four Corners Conference.


On Monday, January 21, 2018, Most Worshipful Past Grand Master Charles W. Searcy, of King Solomon Lodge #2, laid down his working tools and has gone on to that undiscovered country.   Past Grand Master Searcy was Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada from 2000 - 2004.  He was the 6th Grand Master of the Nevada Jurisdiction and the 3rd Past Grand Master that has gone on to that undiscovered country.

3.-23- 25.2018

Good lectures, good food, good times.  That was the theme at the 2018 Four Corners in Albuquerque, New Mexico hosted by MWGM Edward Mitchell Sr and the New Mexico Jurisdiction.  About the only thing that didn't go as planned for the MWPHGL of Nevada was bringing home the traveling trophy, as the Colorado Jurisdiction ended the winning streak for Nevada. MWGM Rev. Richard Vega delivered a check yourself lecture that had the attention of all masons in the room.  The other three Grand Masters delivered lectures and concerns of the four jurisdictions....all while the president of the Conference of Grand Master was in attendance.  Harmony prevailed again at the 2018 Four Corners.  And as just as it close, it's time for the Nevada Jurisdiction to prepare for 2019 as it host the 2019 Four Corners.


Only three changed seats occurred at the MWPHGLNV 37th Grand Session.  PM V. Leon Bell of King Solomon #2 reclaimed the RWG Sec'y seat.  PM Michael Spencer of Jodie Cannon Sr. #3 is the new RWG Lecturer.  And PM Roger Haywood of Jack Haywood #6 is the newest elected member of the Grand Lodge.  All other seats stayed the same.  

Another Grand Session is in the history books.  In attendance from other jurisdictions were MWGM Timothy Seay of Arizona, MWGM Charlie Flowers of Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah, MWGM Edward Mitchell of New Mexico, and PMWGM Jim Kelly of the Grand Lodge of Nevada.

3.17 - 19.2017

The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada showed up and showed out the Four Corners conference hosted by the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arizona.   A different but great set of events hosted by the MWPHGLAZ.    

But by the time the Nevada Jurisdiction left the State of Arizona, they reclaimed 2017 Bryant-Robinson-Mathis Traveling Trophy which was out of their building for one year due to hosting the Four Corners Conference.


Change came in the Grand Lodge as some brothers changed seats.  A seat stayed the same.  And new faces entered in the administration.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master seat saw a change as the the Honorable Richard Vega is now the leader of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada. 


The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master is Ken Askins.  The Right Worshipful Senior Grand Warden is PM Robert McGee.  The Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden is now PM Zackary Collins.  New to the administration is PM Anthony Downton as he was elected as Right Worshipful Grand Treasurer.  Right Worshipful Grand Secretary is Khalid Sultan. 


PM Jermaine Vincent retained his seat as Right Worshipful Grand Lecturer.  Also new to the administration is PM Archie McArthur, elected as Right Worshipful Grand Tyler. 

Overall,  peace and harmony prevailed.  Good luck to the new administration.

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