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Most Woshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

One Body.  One Mind.  One Lifestyle.

I welcome you on the behalf of myself, the officers and members of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada, to our website.  Established in 1980, our history in Freemasonry dates back to our early years spent under the jurisdiction of Arizona.  We are men and women who follow all the tenets of Masonry and strive to be one of the best jurisdictions in the domain.  We are  a proud part of the Conference of Grand Masters (PHA), enjoying our fraternal relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.  Please enjoy your travels through our website and feel free to contact us through our guest book.  If you travel through Las Vegas area, our doors and hearts are open to you to come out and meet and greet with us.  May God continue to bless us in all that we do as Prince Hall Masons.

- Kenneth Askins


42nd Annual Session is in the books for the Most Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

5/31 - 6/3/2023

The 42nd Annual Grand Lodge Session is in the books.   Brothers came out to support the Grand Lodge Annual Session with the start of Memorial Service on Wednesday.  Brothers paid homage to RWG Tyler John McDowell and Brother  Harry Bundley. who both have laid down their working tools.  Jack Haywood Lodge #6 hosted the Memorial Service as WM Will Smith did an excellent job. 


St. Mark Lodge #1 with their WM Ivan Smith did an excellent job hosting the Table Lodge and they also fed the craft.  


The banquet was very good as St. Mark Lodge #1 wins Lodge of the Year.  And Brother Christopher Reames of King Solomon Lodge #2 wins Master Mason of the Year.  But, the star of the night was Ms. Morgan Emmanuelle Crosby as she wins the Albert L. Crosby Scholarship Award.  Ms. Crosby is currently a Sophomore at Xavier University (New Orlearns) with a 3.8 gpa.  She also entertained the crowd with a very beautiful voice as she sung to the attendees at the banquet.

Phillip E. Bell Jr. #5 performed the opening for the Grand Lodge.  The Grand Lodge voted on the reports and listened to a great Elocution from Grand Master Ken Askins.  After refreshments, Grand Lodge elections took place.  Most Worshipful Grand Master Ken Askins accepted nomination without a challenge to be re-elected for the ensuing year 2023.  RW Deputy Grand Master Levy Belton of St. Mark #1 accepted nomination and was challenged by PM Jesse Reynolds of Phillip E. Bell Jr. #5.  RW Deputy Grand Master Levy Belton wins and retains the seat.  RW Senior Grand Warden Archie McArthur of Jack Haywood #6 accepted nomination and was challenged by PM Zach Collins.  RWSGW McArthur wins and retains his seat.  RW Junior Grand Warden Anthony Downton of King Solomon #2 accepted nomination and was challenged by RWG Sec'y Robert Trujillo of St. Marks #1.  RWJGW Downton wins and retains his seat.  PM Elisha Sumbani of Jack Haywood #6 was nominated and accepted the position of RWG Tyler.  PM Khalid Sultan of King Solomon #2 was nominated and accepted the position of RWG Lecturer.  The 3yr RWG Trustee nominations were accepted by PM Scott Walker of Jack Haywood #6 and PM Roosevelt Freeman of St. Marks #1.  PM Scott Walker wins and is the new RW Grand Trustee 3yr.



Most Worshipful Grand Master
Honorable Kenneth Askins
MWGM Kenneth M_edited.png
RW Grand Secretary
Robert Trujillo
P.O. Box 44227
Las Vegas, NV 89116



St. John's the Baptist Day

Where:  Unity Missionary Baptist Church

              545 Marion Drive

              Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

When:    Sunday, June 25, 2023

Time:     10am

Attire:    Masonic Dress


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