Most Woshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

One Body.  One Mind.  One Lifestyle.
Prince Hall Americanism Weekend
Sep 08, 7:00 PM PDT
Comedy Show. All White Cruise. Cookout

I welcome you on the behalf of myself, the officers and members of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada, to our website.  Established in 1980, our history in Freemasonry dates back to our early years spent under the jurisdiction of Arizona.  We are men and women who follow all the tenets of Masonry and strive to be one of the best jurisdictions in the domain.  We are  a proud part of the Conference of Grand Masters (PHA), enjoying our fraternal relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.  Please enjoy your travels through our website and feel free to contact us through our guest book.  If you travel through Las Vegas area, our doors and hearts are open to you to come out and meet and greet with us.  May God continue to bless us in all that we do as Prince Hall Masons.

- Kenneth Askins


The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada 40th/41st Annual Grand Session closes with major changes 


The MWPHGL of Nevada ended late afternoon, Saturday, June 4th and it was anything but normal.  

On Wednesday, June 1st, Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 kicked off the start of Session Week by hosting the Memorial Service.  It was a great performance by PEB Jr. #5, as it all went smooth.

On Thursday, June 2nd, Jack Haywood Lodge #6, with the help of St. Mark Lodge #1, hosted the table lodge.


On Friday, June 3rd, the Grand Master and Grand Worthy Matron's Banquet had a nice vibe.  Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 won Lodge of the Year.....again.  And Andre Hall of Phillip E. Bell Jr. Lodge #5 won Master Mason of the Year.  Good food with nice music.  Everyone dressed nice with a touch of laughter from the crowd of the speakers.  Everyone was engaged.

Saturday, June 4th, King Solomon Lodge #2 opened up for the Grand Lodge.  Afterwards is where it was no longer normal.  From the beginning it didn't seem to have that normal vibe we were accustomed to.  And it started normal with Grand Lodge elections as MW Grand Master Ken Askins was nominated and accepted with no other contestants.  Normalcy left us after that as then RW Deputy Grand Master Jesse Reynolds was nominated and contested with another nominee, PM Levy Belton of St. Mark Lodge #1.  After tallying the votes, the new RW Deputy Grand Master is Levy Belton.  Shock was in the air.  Then, RW Senior Grand Warden Zachary Collins was nominated to retain his seat.  He was then contested by PM Archie McArthur of Jack Haywood Lodge #6.  And after the votes were counted, PM Archie McArthur was the new RW Senior Grand Warden.  The RW Junior Grand Warden seat followed in line with the Grand Master as Anthony Downton of King Solomon Lodge #2 retained his seat.  RW Grand Treasurer Robert Hendricks, RW Grand Secretary Robert Trujillo and RW Grand Tyler John McDowell all, also, fell in line with the Grand Master and RWJGW in retaining their respective seats.  RW Grand Lecturer saw new blood as PM Scott Walker of Jack Haywood Lodge #6 takes on the new role.  Two new Grand Lodge Trustees saw new faces as PM David Austin and PM Carl Dawson both accepted the nominees with no other contestants.  All unexpected but Brotherly Love prevails.  We will continue on our journey of One mind, One body, One Lifestyle.

Most Worshipful Grand Master
Honorable Kenneth Askins
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--Prince Hall Americanism Weekend--

What & Where: 

Thurs. Sept 8, Cork & Thorn, 70 Imperial Ave, LV
Fri. Sept. 9, Lake Las Vegas, 20 Costa Di Lago, Henderson
Sat, Sept 10, Craig Ranch Park, Garden Lodge Shelter, 628 W. Craig Rd, NLV

RW Grand Secretary
Robert Trujillo
P.O. Box 44227
Las Vegas, NV 89116
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