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Most Woshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada

One Body.  One Mind.  One Lifestyle.

I welcome you on the behalf of myself, the officers and members of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada, to our website.  Established in 1980, our history in Freemasonry dates back to our early years spent under the jurisdiction of Arizona.  We are men and women who follow all the tenets of Masonry and strive to be one of the best jurisdictions in the domain.  We are  a proud part of the Conference of Grand Masters (PHA), enjoying our fraternal relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters around the globe.  Please enjoy your travels through our website and feel free to contact us through our guest book.  If you travel through Las Vegas area, our doors and hearts are open to you to come out and meet and greet with us.  May God continue to bless us in all that we do as Prince Hall Masons.

- Kenneth Askins



9/8 - 9/10/2022

For many years the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada celebrated Prince Hall Americanism Day on the 2nd Saturday of September just like most Prince Hall Jurisdictions.  While some jurisdictions celebrated throughout that second weekend, in Nevada it has always been celebrated with a cookout on aforementioned day.  In 2022, the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Nevada decided to do something different.

It all started on Thursday with a Comedy Show.  Six comedians performed and it brought much laughter as Most Worshipful Grand Master  Ken Askins, Senior Warden Ivan Smith of St. Marks #1, Worthy Matron Theresa Thomas and Sister Yasmin Stampley, both of Bells of Joy Chapter #3 provided much material for the comedians to tee off on.

On Friday, the All White Cruise on a yacht at Lake Las Vegas had a party section and a chill section.  This night was the only mishap of the weekend as the caterer failed to show.  But, the show must go on and on it went as the party section saw people dancing the night away.

And then there was Saturday.....the cookout.  The largest turnout in the history of this jurisdiction.  Great food, some dancing, kids playing and great fellowship.  This is what it's all about...brotherhood and sisterhood.   The plan is to grow this event from here and allow the community to celebrate Prince Hall with the jurisdiction.  To let the community know that we are to help in anyway we can.  Prince Hall Masonry at it's best!

Most Worshipful Grand Master
Honorable Kenneth Askins
GM Askins.png
RW Grand Secretary
Robert Trujillo
P.O. Box 44227
Las Vegas, NV 89116



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